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Custom Flexible packaging for Customized Branding and Packaging

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Minimum Order Quantity: 30000pcs
Price: $0.01-$0.03/pcs
Packaging Details: Packed in a plastic bag and then packed in a carton, or as your request.
Delivery Time: wthin 7-15 working days
Payment Terms: TT, L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 10,000,000pcs per month
Detail Information
Design: By Client Size: Customized
Processing Type: Multiple Extrusion Logo: Accept Customized Logo
Sealing & Handle: Heat Seal Usage: Packaging
Industrial Use: Food Material: PET/PE; PET/CPP; PET/VMPET/PE; PET/AL/PE Customized

Product Description

Product Description:

Custom Flexible Packaging

Our Custom Flexible Packaging is the perfect solution for all your packaging needs. With its multiple extrusion processing type, it is designed to provide superior protection and flexibility for your products. Our packaging is suitable for a wide range of industries, with a special focus on the food industry.

Sealing & Handle: Heat Seal

The heat seal feature ensures that our packaging is tightly sealed, keeping your products fresh and secure. It also allows for easy opening and resealing, making it convenient for your customers.

Logo: Accept Customized Logo

Make your brand stand out with our Custom Flexible Packaging. We offer the option to have your logo printed on the packaging, giving your products a professional and personalized touch.

Usage: Packaging

Our packaging is designed specifically for packaging purposes. It is suitable for a variety of products such as snacks, confectionery, dried fruits, and more. It is also great for packaging non-food items.

Processing Type: Multiple Extrusion

Our packaging is created using the multiple extrusion process, which involves layering different materials together to create a durable and flexible packaging. This process ensures that our packaging can withstand various handling and transportation conditions.

Industrial Use: Food

Our Custom Flexible Packaging is ideal for the food industry. It is food-safe and can keep your products fresh and protected from external elements. It is also suitable for a variety of food products, making it a versatile choice for food packaging needs.




Technical Parameters:

Product Name Custom Flexible packaging
Industrial Use Food
Design By Client
Material PET/PE; PET/CPP; PET/VMPET/PE; PET/AL/PE Customized
Sealing & Handle Heat Seal
Logo Accept Customized Logo
Processing Type Multiple Extrusion
Usage Packaging
Recyclability Zipper, Slider, Spout, Valve
Size Customized
Key Words Plastic Flexible Packaging Bags, Custom printed, Stand up bag, Zipper, Slider, Spout, Valve


  • Food Packaging: With its strong and durable material, our packaging bags are ideal for packaging food products such as snacks, candies, dried fruits, and more. The zipper, slider, spout, and valve options make it easy for consumers to open and reseal the bag, keeping the food fresh and protected.
  • Electronics Packaging: Our custom packaging bags are also suitable for packaging electronic products such as chargers, cables, and small gadgets. The customized size and design options allow for a perfect fit and protection during transportation and storage.
  • Beauty and Personal Care Products: Our packaging bags are also perfect for packaging beauty and personal care products such as shampoo, lotion, and body wash. The customizable design and size options make it easy for brands to stand out on the shelves and attract consumers.

Our custom packaging bags are also suitable for various scenarios, including:

  • Retail Stores: Our packaging bags are designed to catch the attention of consumers in retail stores. The customizable design and size options make it easy for brands to showcase their products and attract customers.
  • Online Shopping: With the rise of e-commerce, our custom packaging bags are also ideal for online shopping. The durable material and secure closure options ensure that the products are protected during transit and reach the customer in perfect condition.
  • Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Our packaging bags are a great way to showcase products at trade shows and exhibitions. The customizable design and size options allow for easy branding and product display, making it easier for companies to stand out and attract potential customers.

Overall, ZEKUN PACKAGING's Custom Flexible Packaging offers a versatile and reliable solution for all packaging needs. With our high-quality materials, customizable options, and fast delivery, we are the go-to brand for all your packaging requirements. Place your order now and experience the difference!



Custom Packaging Solutions for Your Brand

At ZEKUN PACKAGING, we offer a wide range of custom flexible packaging options to meet your unique needs. Our packaging solutions are designed to showcase your brand and product while providing functionality and protection.

With our plastic flexible packaging bags, you have the flexibility to choose from various materials and sizes to suit your product and brand. Our packaging is also customizable, allowing you to add your logo and design to create a unique and eye-catching packaging that represents your brand.

We understand the importance of certifications for your products and business. That's why all our packaging materials are certified with ISO, SGS, FDA, QS, BRC, and HACCP, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards for your products.

Our minimum order quantity is 30000pcs, and we offer competitive prices ranging from $0.01 to $0.03 per piece. We provide flexibility in payment terms, including TT, L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, and MoneyGram.

With a production capacity of 10,000,000pcs per month, we can fulfill your orders efficiently and deliver them within 7-15 working days. Our packaging is packed in a plastic bag and then packed in a carton, or as per your request, ensuring safe and secure delivery.

Choose from our various packaging solutions, including PET/PE, PET/CPP, PET/VMPET/PE, and PET/AL/PE, to find the best fit for your product. Our packaging is suitable for food and other industrial use, making it a versatile and practical choice for your business.

Join us in promoting sustainability by choosing our packaging with zipper, slider, spout, or valve, making it recyclable and environmentally friendly.


 Custom Flexible packaging  for Customized Branding and Packaging 0Custom Flexible packaging  for Customized Branding and Packaging 1Custom Flexible packaging  for Customized Branding and Packaging 2Custom Flexible packaging  for Customized Branding and Packaging 3

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping of Custom Flexible Packaging

The Custom Flexible Packaging is carefully packaged and shipped to ensure its safe delivery to our customers. Our packaging process follows strict quality control measures to maintain the integrity of the product and protect it from any potential damage during shipping.

Packaging Process

Each Custom Flexible Packaging is first inspected for any defects or imperfections. Our team then carefully wraps the product in a protective layer to prevent any scratches or dents. The package is then sealed to ensure the product stays in place during transportation.

Depending on the size and shape of the product, it may also be placed in a sturdy box for added protection. The box is filled with cushioning materials such as bubble wrap or foam to prevent any movement during shipping.


We offer a variety of shipping options to cater to our customers' needs. Our standard shipping method is through trusted courier services, such as UPS or FedEx, which provide reliable and timely delivery.

For customers who require faster delivery, we also offer express shipping options at an additional cost. This ensures that the Custom Flexible Packaging reaches our customers as quickly as possible.

We also provide international shipping for customers outside of our domestic market. Our team takes extra care in packaging and labeling the product to ensure it meets all customs regulations and arrives at its destination safely.


At Custom Flexible Packaging, we understand the importance of proper packaging and shipping to maintain the quality of our product and ensure customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team works diligently to ensure that each order is packaged and shipped with the utmost care and attention.



  • Q: What is the brand name of this product?
  • A: The brand name of this product is ZEKUN PACKAGING.
  • Q: Where is this product manufactured?
  • A: This product is manufactured in China.
  • Q: What certifications does this product have?
  • A: This product is certified by ISO, SGS, FDA, QS, BRC, and HACPP.
  • Q: What is the minimum order quantity for this product?
  • A: The minimum order quantity for this product is 30000pcs.
  • Q: What is the price range for this product?
  • A: The price for this product ranges from $0.01 to $0.03 per piece.
  • Q: How is this product packaged?
  • A: This product is packed in a plastic bag and then in a carton, or according to your request.
  • Q: How long does it take for this product to be delivered?
  • A: The delivery time for this product is within 7-15 working days.
  • Q: What are the payment terms for this product?
  • A: The payment terms for this product include TT, L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, and MoneyGram.
  • Q: What is the supply ability for this product?
  • A: The supply ability for this product is 10,000,000pcs per month.

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