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Custom Printed Eco Friendly Poly Mailing Bag With Waterproof Seal

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Minimum Order Quantity: 30000pcs
Price: $0.01-$0.03/pcs
Packaging Details: Packed in a plastic bag and then packed in a carton, or as your request.
Delivery Time: wthin 7-15 working days
Payment Terms: TT, L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 10,000,000pcs per month
Detail Information
Design: By Client Sealing & Handle: Strong Adhesive Seal
Printing: Gravure Printing Application: Logistic Packaging Bags
Material: POLY Feature: Waterproof Eco-friendly Non-toxic
Size&Thickness: Custom Based On Customer's Requirement Color: CMYK/PANTON , Up To 10 Colors
High Light:

Waterproof Seal Poly Mailing Bag


Eco Friendly Poly Mailing Bag

Product Description

Product Description:

The modern logistics industry demands not only efficiency in transportation but also a guarantee that the products reach their destination in pristine condition. This requirement is precisely where our high-quality Mailing Bags come into play. Designed with the needs of logistic packaging in mind, these bags provide a secure and protective envelope for a variety of items, ensuring they are shielded from the elements and any potential damage during transit. Crafted from superior POLY material, these shipping bags stand out in the marketplace for their exceptional durability and reliability.

One of the most striking features of our Mailing Bags is their color customization. Available in CMYK/PANTON color schemes, the bags can be printed in up to 10 different colors, offering an extensive palette for creating a striking and vibrant visual appeal. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to enhance their brand recognition; a company logo or a specific design can be vividly represented on the bag, making your package stand out from the rest. Whether you're sending out corporate documents, promotional materials, or online orders, these bags can be tailored to reflect your brand's identity and values.

With the application of these bags firmly set in logistic packaging, they are designed to withstand the rigors of shipping and handling. The robust POLY material is not only tough but also waterproof, ensuring that the contents remain dry and secure, regardless of the weather conditions they might encounter. This waterproof feature is critical for protecting sensitive items such as electronics, textiles, or paper-based products from moisture and humidity.

Moreover, our Mailing Bags are eco-friendly and non-toxic, aligning with the growing global emphasis on environmental consciousness. These bags do not release harmful substances into the environment, making them a responsible choice for businesses and consumers alike. By opting for our eco-friendly mailing solutions, you contribute to a greener planet and also cater to the eco-aware customer base, which values sustainable practices.

The customization doesn't end with color and branding. The size and thickness of our Mailing Bags are fully customizable based on the customer's specific requirements. Whether you need small bags for jewelry or large ones for clothing, we can provide the perfect Custom shape and size to suit your needs. This bespoke approach ensures that each bag is optimized for its contents, reducing material waste and minimizing shipping costs by avoiding excess packaging.

Our commitment to quality and customization makes these shipping bags ideal for a wide range of applications, from e-commerce to boutique retail, and from corporate mailrooms to private mailing services. The versatility of our product is unmatched, providing a one-stop solution for any business’s shipping needs. The strength, flexibility, and aesthetic appeal of our Mailing Bags make them an indispensable tool in the logistics arsenal.

In conclusion, our Mailing Bags represent the pinnacle of logistic packaging solutions. The combination of waterproof, eco-friendly, and non-toxic materials with the ability to fully customize color, size, and thickness ensures that these shipping bags meet the highest standards of both functionality and environmental responsibility. With the added benefit of Custom shape options, these bags are not just a packaging product but a statement of quality and sustainability. Choose our Mailing Bags for a packaging solution that delivers reliability, efficiency, and a strong brand image, all while contributing to a healthier planet.



  • Product Name: Mailing bag
  • Size&Thickness: Custom Based On Customer's Requirement
  • Surface Handling: Matt Or Shiny Finishing
  • Feature: Waterproof, Eco-friendly, Non-toxic
  • Color: CMYK/PANTON, Up To 10 Colors
  • Material: POLY
  • Custom Printed: Available with custom designs and logos
  • Custom Shape: Tailored to specific customer needs

Technical Parameters:

Feature Waterproof, Eco-friendly, Non-toxic
Sealing & Handle Strong Adhesive Seal
Color CMYK/PANTON, Up To 10 Colors
Size & Thickness Custom Based On Customer's Requirement
Material POLY
Surface Handling Matt Or Shiny Finishing
Design By Client
Application Logistic Packaging Bags for clothing packages
Printing Gravure Printing, custom printed
Custom shape Available based on customer's specification
Custom Printed Eco Friendly Poly Mailing Bag With Waterproof Seal 0Custom Printed Eco Friendly Poly Mailing Bag With Waterproof Seal 1Custom Printed Eco Friendly Poly Mailing Bag With Waterproof Seal 2Custom Printed Eco Friendly Poly Mailing Bag With Waterproof Seal 3


The ZEKUN PACKAGING brand, hailing from CHINA, has established itself as a reliable provider of quality plastic shipping mailing bags that are perfect for a myriad of applications. With certifications such as ISO, SGS, FDA, QS, BRC, and HACCP, ZEKUN PACKAGING ensures that every mailing bag meets stringent standards of quality and safety. These bags are an excellent choice for businesses and individuals looking for an eco-friendly and non-toxic option to send their items securely.

The mailer bags by ZEKUN PACKAGING are available with a minimum order quantity of 30,000 pieces, making them an ideal choice for bulk needs. Priced competitively between $0.01 and $0.03 per piece, these mailing bags offer an affordable solution for dispatching products. The packaging details are meticulous, with each bag packed in a plastic bag before being placed in a carton, or packaged according to customer requests, ensuring the bags arrive in pristine condition.

Delivery within 7-15 working days after order placement makes ZEKUN PACKAGING an efficient choice for businesses requiring a swift distribution method. Furthermore, the company provides a plethora of payment options, including TT, L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, and MoneyGram, ensuring a smooth transaction process. With a supply ability of 10,000,000 pieces per month, ZEKUN PACKAGING can effortlessly meet high-volume demands.

The plastic shipping mailing bags come with a strong adhesive seal, ensuring that contents are secure during transit. The robust sealing and handle mechanism is a testament to the practical design of the bags. Furthermore, ZEKUN PACKAGING offers custom shape options, allowing customers to tailor their mailing solutions to specific product needs. Gravure printing provides high-quality, vibrant images and text, with color options in CMYK/PANTON, supporting up to 10 different colors. The surface handling of the bags can be chosen between matt or shiny finishing, giving the bags a professional look that stands out.

Overall, whether for e-commerce, retail, or personal shipping needs, the waterproof and eco-friendly mailer bags from ZEKUN PACKAGING are a versatile and reliable choice. These bags can cater to various occasions and scenarios, from online store dispatches to confidential document delivery, all while ensuring that the product inside is protected from external elements. ZEKUN PACKAGING is dedicated to providing a customizable, quality-assured mailing solution for a global clientele.


Support and Services:

Our Mailing Bag product comes with comprehensive technical support and services to ensure your complete satisfaction. We stand behind the quality of our mailing bags with a dedicated product support team that is ready to assist with any issues or inquiries you may have regarding the use, features, or performance of our products.

Our support services include detailed product documentation, an extensive FAQ section on our website, and troubleshooting guides to help you resolve common issues quickly and efficiently. Should you encounter any problems with our mailing bags that you cannot solve with the provided resources, our technical support team is available to provide personalized assistance.

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and technical support. Our goal is to ensure that your experience with our Mailing Bag product is seamless and satisfactory. Whether you have questions about product specifications, need advice on the best practices for usage, or require technical assistance, we are here to help.

Please note that our product technical support and services do not include physical repair services. However, we are happy to provide guidance on how to address any physical defects or damages that may occur under normal usage conditions, in line with our product warranty policy.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging:

Our mailing bags are made of durable, moisture-resistant materials ensuring your items stay secure during transit. Each bag features a strong adhesive seal to maintain closure and provide tamper-evident protection. The bags are lightweight to minimize shipping costs and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different product dimensions. For environmental considerations, the bags are recyclable where facilities exist.


Upon order confirmation, mailing bags are promptly packed in a protective outer box to prevent any damage during the shipping process. The boxes are sealed and labeled according to shipping regulations and standards. We offer various shipping options including standard, expedited, and express delivery to meet your timeline requirements. Tracking information will be provided for every shipment, allowing you to monitor the delivery status of your order.



Q1: What brand are the mailing bags and where are they made?

A1: The mailing bags are from the ZEKUN PACKAGING brand and they are made in CHINA.

Q2: What certifications do ZEKUN PACKAGING mailing bags have?

A2: ZEKUN PACKAGING mailing bags are certified with ISO, SGS, FDA, QS, BRC, and HACCP certifications.

Q3: What is the minimum order quantity for the mailing bags?

A3: The minimum order quantity for our mailing bags is 30,000 pieces.

Q4: How much do the ZEKUN PACKAGING mailing bags cost?

A4: The price range for our mailing bags is between $0.01 and $0.03 per piece.

Q5: What are the payment terms for purchasing ZEKUN PACKAGING mailing bags?

A5: The payment terms for purchasing our mailing bags include TT, L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, and MoneyGram.

Q6: How are the mailing bags packaged and what is the delivery time?

A6: The mailing bags are packed in a plastic bag and then packed in a carton, or as per your request. The delivery time is within 7-15 working days.

Q7: How many mailing bags can ZEKUN PACKAGING supply per month?

A7: ZEKUN PACKAGING has a supply ability of 10,000,000 pieces per month for mailing bags.

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